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  • DEEP BLACK $265,00

    At home, in the office, or outdoors… The character and universality of the black color comes to life in this Deep Black model. The Deep Black will lighten the darkness of your night with music as it redefines lasting luxury. 

  • MOCHA $245,00

    Mocha, from our Natural series, complements the warmth it captures from its wooden base with the iconic look and acoustic signature of its metal head. Acoustibox Mocha will energize your day while warming you up like your favorite hot cup of coffee. 

  • OAK $245,00

    While designing the oak model, we blended the heat of the gramophone, which is an indispensable nostalgic, with the timelessness of wooden art. We crowned this unique combination with the durability of the oak.

  • ROSE GOLD $319,00

    The main feature of the Metallic series is the first-class, real leaf coating applied by hand craftsmanship. The Rose Gold speaker model is designed to bring stunning moments and lasting memories filled with the magical sounds of music. 

  • SCARLET $265,00

    The Scarlet model is a candidate to become the most striking part of your living space with its red color. The Scarlet is much more than just a loudspeaker… it is an irresistible object of desire for those seeking a liberating music listening experience. 

  • SOLID GOLD $319,00

    The gold leaf surface coating of the Solid Gold model is applied with patience and expert touches, combining the value, durability, and excellence of gold in a state-of-the-art speaker. 

  • SOLID SILVER $319,00

    Solid Silver, dominated by metallic silver, offers the best sound you can get from a wireless speaker. Solid Silver, which adapts to every space, is waiting to become the most luxurious part of your living space. 

  • VPERI $265,00

    This iconic gramophone speaker is ready to be admired by your guests with its gorgeous coolness. You will be reinvigorated from the stress of the day with the vivid color and musical melodies of the Vperi. This purple acoustic speaker is a welcome addition to any living space. 

  • WALNUT $245,00

    We carried the rooted beauty of walnut to the Walnut model of Acoustibox, producing a durable wireless speaker that can be passed on from generation to generation, just like an original gramophone.

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