Amplifying an unprecedented lifestyle experience

Home Is Where The Music Is

Designing enchanting products no matter where you place it or how you use it is what we do the best. At Acoustibox, we have been sharing an obsessive passion for sound for more than 5 years. Eye-catching designs that excite the senses from every angle for design conscious music lovers.

Crafted to Last for Generations

Crafting timeless designs is an essential part of the Acoustibox. Designing all our products through aesthetic quality and high standards ensures they endure the test of time. Adding on functionality, simplicity, sophistication, and of course, adaptability to today’s trends.

Fusion of The Materials

Our path is fuelled by curiosity, passion and extreme attention to detail. Always striving to create more magical, intuitive and inspiring audio visual experiences through our designs. From a dreamy, sustainably manufactured wooden base to the iconically recycled metal horn

Object of Desire

Contemporary design & sound. Providing a tone of expression, a color to add personality to your home. We bring sound that can be placed anywhere and redefine the long-lasting luxury through hand-crafted design pieces.

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