Listening To Music Has Never Been So Elegant
A team of dreamers was brought together to redesign everyday life in such an unpredictable way that each moment and area of life becomes your own unique style. By merging luxury, harmony, and timelessness together every product we design provides a unprecedented lifestyle experience.

Designing Sound With Acoustibox

The Acoustibox’s metal horn is made of recycled materials and is given its iconic appearance through a detailed design process.

Crafting Luxury

Working with wood is one of our interests, and we’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to it over the years. Our third-generation talented artisans who make the wooden base understand what high quality means.

Last a Lifetime

The designing process of our Metallic collection necessitates the use of a true artist’s eye. The leaves are difficult to work with since they must be applied by hand, which requires patience and expertise. The Natural and Elegant collections, on the other hand, make use of automotive-grade electrostatic painting techniques resulting in an unrivaled surface coating to perfection.

Amplifying a Lifestyle

Acoustibox is a harmonization, a coming together of wood and metal that conveys elegance in every aspect of life. With a desire to not just intensify sound but also to amplify togetherness.

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